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While We Lay Awake in the Dark

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Life simplifies. You charge up hills together, you promise to swim in every bit of freezing water.

Mirrored, your experience becomes two-fold, first through your eyes and then theirs:

You feel small, they feel vast – and vice versa – perceiving and being perceived as isolated marvels standing on the apex of a Munro or two chests deep in loch waters.

Its nature's indifference you pursue and the comfort in its passivity. In this state you glimpse the you and them ignored in daily performativity.

Searching with arms open, eyes open and feet tiring of the present step but still eager for the next. Your willingness invites unexpected visitors, wearing different faces, but all unmistakably you.

At night they lay awake with you in the dark, until honesty puts just two again to sleep. Then morning rises to find the tent still awake and weeping over your confessions.

Unspoken understanding unfolds bodies from drowsiness each morning. Acceptance dawns, nature’s immediacy outside a fabric door can no longer be ignored.

Charging and swimming you go.

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